The Mud, Muck, Mire, Muddlement, and Quicksand of Temptation 

What is the most powerful temptation that you face in your life today?

What is the thing that really gets to you – that gets at you – that grabs your attention – that catches your heart and mind?

What unguarded thoughts pull you in a wrong direction?

What are your personal potential areas of temptation? (Are you being honest with yourself?)

What are your personal potential areas of weakness? (Are you being honest with yourself?)

What is it that leaves you living in the guilt and shame of disobedience?

What are your personal potential times of temptation? (Are you being honest with yourself?)

Are you working to remove yourself from the area, person or situation of your temptation?

Are you taking responsibility for your defense?

Do you need to be accountable to someone else in order to find help?

Are you taking responsibility for your offense? Are you (have you) put on the full armour of God?

Are you really resisting?

Are you ‘running away’ or ‘running to’ your temptation?

Are you praying?

Are you reading the Bible?

Are you able to find other good and positive distractions?

Are you deceived to think that temptation don’t exist or will never come?

Are you drifting so far as to make your temptations a battle of choice, instead of ‘having made the choice’ before hand?

Are you seriously considering the consequences of your choice – on your life, your walk with God, and the lives of others?

Is God really in the picture of your life and temptations?

Are you thinking about Christ’s death of the cross for you and why He did it? Or are we figurately adding on more blows to the nail in His hand?

Updates & Announcements

Belleville Wesleyan Church Tue, Mar 17

  Due to both Federal and Provincial announcements regarding COVID-19 and by recommendation of those in authority. The Belleville Wesleyan Church will be suspending all worship services, meetings and activities for at least a three-week period beginning immediately. We all understand the need for social distancing and for working together as a community to help slow this pandemic and lower the curve.

That being said, the church of Christ is to be a both light and salt to this world and not governed by fear despite the circumstances. By not meeting together for a time, we can continue to do our part by remaining in supportive prayer for our world, county, province and city. As well as for those directly affected by COVID-19, our caregivers in our senior nursing and retirement centers, and our various emergency workers on the front lines. Please feel free to contact others by phone or email within our church family.

We are taking steps to provide a Sunday morning message online during this time. As things proceed we will keep you informed. May we all be reminded of
Psalms 46:1 – God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

In Christ,
Pastor Mark

From the Belleville Pregnancy Centre:

“The Belleville Pregnancy and Family Care Centre is providing diapers(larger sizes needed), baby wipes, and formula to individuals and families who are in need.
Would you consider donating one of these items to the Centre?

Text 613-969-7866 or email [email protected] and one of our team will contact you.  Join our facebook page : Friends of the Belleville Pregnancy Centre, to stay updated.  Thank you for your support.”

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