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God desires all His children to walk with Him – are we?

  • How’s our intimate heart relationship with God?
  • Is our heart’s greatest desire for God – our ‘one’ main all-consuming focus?
  • Does He mean everything to us?
  • Are we living in fellowship with Him?
  • Is He speaking – and we find ourselves ‘blowing our kazoo or shaking our rumbas’?
  • Are we in agreement with Him about our life?
  • Are we aligning our will with His?
  • How is our walk affecting our lifestyle? Is it really?
  • Are we handling our distractions and everything that does not encourage or boost our walk with Him?
  • Are we really choosing the narrow road over the broad way?
  • Can others see a contrast of our lives to the world around us?
  • What about the fruit of the Spirit, or that we have been with Jesus?
  • Are we walking by the Spirit?
  • Are we walking in the way of love?
  • Are we walking in the light?
  • Are we walking in obedience to Christ’s commands?
  • Are we walking in the truth?
  • Are we making good use of what God has provided for us in our walk with Him?
  • Are we in need to a healing from spiritual paralysis, weakness, inadequacy, and clumsy spiritual walk with God?
  • Is it time ‘to get up’?
  • Is it time to spiritually ‘get up and walk’?
  • Is it time to spiritually ‘get up and stand on your feet’?
  • Is it time ‘to get up and come back home’?
  • Are we ready to make a deliberate choice to do so?

From the Belleville Pregnancy Centre:

“The Belleville Pregnancy and Family Care Centre is providing diapers(larger sizes needed), baby wipes, and formula to individuals and families who are in need.
Would you consider donating one of these items to the Centre?

Text 613-969-7866 or email [email protected] and one of our team will contact you.  Join our facebook page : Friends of the Belleville Pregnancy Centre, to stay updated.  Thank you for your support.”

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